Uno Attack Jurassic World Dominion, 2 Pieces




Uno Attack Jurassic World Dominion card game adds extra surprise to game play with a dinosaur head-shaped card launcher featuring lights and sounds.
• Product dimensions – 10″ L x 16.29″ W x 11.41″ H
• Product weight – 1.52 lbs
• Set includes – 1 pack of Uno cards and 1 monster machine
• Age range – 7 to 13
• Load cards into the monster machine then play like the classic Uno game
• Play until the attack card comes up the dinosaur head will come to life with lights and sounds to shoot cards high into the air could be one card could be five
• The anticipation grows as the lights and sounds change over time to help build suspense
• Players must still yell ‘uno’ when they are down to just one card in their hand
• Warning – choking hazard contains small parts not suitable for children under 3 years


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