UNO Artiste Takashi Murakami




Takashi Murakami works his mad magic on this UNO card deck. Flip to find his monstrously cute characters like smiling flowers pandas and the famous Mr. DOB. Designed in his signature Superflat style that’s united “high” and “low” art each card in the deck is a piece of art created by one of the most iconic contemporary artists of our time. From the galleries to your coffee table this Takashi Murakami deck is perfect for your collection or a madly happy game night.
• All Ages
• 113 cards
• 5.1×3.9×1.9
• UNO Artiste Series Takashi Murakami
• Includes one UNO card deck (112 cards) and a 5×7 mini poster of Murakami’s iconic smiling flowers
• Each card in the deck is a piece of art drawn by this iconic artist in his signature Superflat style
• There are four double-sided “Extra Cards” that come together to form two Murakami masterpieces
• Just like in the classic UNO game players match cards by color number or iconic art piece in a race to shed their hands
• Makes a great gift for collectors art lovers and kids ages 7 years and up


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