Monopoly Builder Game




It’s the Monopoly game with a strategy twist on Monopoly island located in the center of the board. With the Monopoly builder strategy game players travel the board buying properties and collecting rent and resources. They also use builder’s blocks to build their island city.
• Box dimension – 2.48″ L x 10.984″ W x 10.984″ H
• Box weight – 2.039 lbs
• Set includes – 1 game board 4 tokens 4 reference cards 16 title deed cards 20 chance cards 2 builder’s bonus cards 80 cardboard resource chips
• Also includes – 48 plastic Builder’s blocks 1 plastic penthouse 2 dice 1 money pack 1 money tray 1 resource tray 1 game guide
• Suitable for ages – 8 and up kids
• Number of players required to play – 2 to 4 players
• It’s a different spin on classic Monopoly gameplay with this strategy game where players buy property and physically stack buildings with the builder’s blocks
• The Hasbro gaming Parker Brothers and Monopoly names and logos the distinctive design of the game board the four corner squares
• The Mr. Monopoly name and character as well as each of the distinctive elements of the board and playing pieces are trademarks of Hasbro for its property trading game and game equipment
• Strategy game where players collect and trade resources to build their towers the competition and social interactions amp up as players stack their towers higher and higher
• Warning – choking hazard – small parts not for children under 3 years


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