Imaginext Jurassic World Break Out Dino Hauler




Preschool kids can race to capture dinosaurs on the loose in the living room with the Imaginext Jurassic World Break Out Dino Hauler vehicle and dinosaur set from Fisher-Price. This push-along vehicle features a projectile launcher to catch dinosaurs and lots of storage to keep them contained. But watch out?as kids push the vehicle along the dinosaur will thrash around wildly until she breaks out of her muzzle!
• 3 – 8Y
• 11 x 7 x 15 Inches
• Inspired by Jurassic World Dominion this roll-along hauler vehicle set lets kids “capture” dinosaurs just like in the film
• Push the vehicle along to see the T. rex dinosaur thrash around and break out of the muzzle!
• Press to launch the dino grabber projectile to “catch” the T. rex and clip the muzzle onto her jaw to contain her again
• Hauler vehicle seats 2 figures has a projectile launcher and storage in the cage and under the hood (Additional dinosaurs and figures sold separately and subject to availability)


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