Hedbanz Blast Off! Guessing Game for Kids and Families




HEDBANZ BLAST OFF! is the high-flying fast-talking version of the classic guessing game ?Who Am I?? Each team picks a player to be the first Guesser and gives them a Blastoff Timer Headband to wear. Insert a picture card without looking (so that ?Everyone knows but you!?) turn the timer knob and start asking questions! Your team can only give one-word answers or make sounds. If you guess the card on your head before time expires insert a new card and reset the timer. But if you?re too slow the card with BLAST OFF flying off your headband ? making you start over with a new card! First team to correctly guess 3 cards wins the round; win 3 rounds and you win the game. Includes 100 new picture cards to guess or add cards from other HEDBANZ editions to keep the fun going! HEDBANZ BLAST OFF! is the fast & fun family game for 4 or more players ages 6 and up.
• IT?S FAST . . . AND A BLAST! Quickly ask questions & guess the card on your head before it blasts off your headband! HEDBANZ BLAST OFF is a fast-paced timely twist on the classic game of ?Who Am I??
• AN EXCITING NEW WAY TO PLAY HEDBANZ: Race against the clock AND the other team. Try to figure out the card on your head but don?t take too much time — the card will BLAST OFF and you?ll start over
• HEAD-TO-HEAD COMPETITION: Two teams play simultaneously answering questions with one word or sound. Guess 3 cards before the other team does and your team wins the round!
• SPIN MASTER GAMES AND PUZZLES: A world of puzzles and interactive board games for families kids and adults including trivia games card games classic games like chess and checker sets plus jigsaw foam and 3D puzzles and more
• Includes 2 Blastoff Timer Headbands 100 Picture Cards 6 Sample Question Cards and Instructions.


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