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In The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition board game players choose to play as Mario Luigi Peach or Yoshi journeying through the Mushroom Kingdom and finally spinning to win in a battle against Bowser! They move around the looping paths of the gameboard as they collect coins power up with items and Companions and play fun minigames along the way such as Rock Paper Scissors Thumb Wars and Spin-Offs. As they approach Bowser’s Castle players will also buy stars to boost their battle-spin; each star collected adds 1 point to their spin total and players will need to spin higher than a 12 to defeat Bowser and win the game. This fun game for kids and families is for 2-4 players ages 8 and up. TM and
• INSPIRED BY SUPER MARIO: It’s The Game of Life board game with an exciting twist featuring Super Mario video game-inspired characters artwork and gameplay
• MOVE THROUGH THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM: Players move around the gameboard as Mario Luigi Peach or Yoshi. They choose their path and which areas to explore as they go through the Mushroom Kingdom
• BATTLE BOWSER: Unlike classic The Game of Life board game this edition isn’t about money or retirement. The ultimate goal in this board game for kids is to defeat Bowser
• MINIGAMES AND STARS: Use coins to buy stars for a boost in the battle against Bowser. Compete in fun minigames in a face-off for prizes and power up with Items and Companions
• Ages 8 and up
• For 2-4 players.
• Includes gameboard spinner (dial base pointer cardboard insert) 4 character tokens 24 star pegs (4 of each color) 60 cards (26 Action 10 Minigame 10 Companion 10 Item 4 Reference) 95 cardboard coins storage tray and instructions.
• WARNING! Small parts choking hazard. Not for children under 3 yrs. Please keep instructions for future reference. This product contains button or coin cell batteries. A swallowed button or coin cell battery can cause internal chemical burns in as lit


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