HALO Ghost of Requiem Set




Inspired by the Halo 4 Requiem mission the Ghost of Requiem differentiates itself from our other Type-32 models by its unique anti-gravity propulsion effect pieces that double as a stand for the aircraft. The set also includes 4 micro action figures to build all new missions. Ideal for ages 8+.
• Recommended ages 10 plus years
• Set includes- 135 bricks and pieces
• Buildable banished ghost vehicle with cockpit and lightning bold stand legs for dynamic display
• 4 highly detailed super pose able micro action figures with display stands and swappable combat accessories
• Characters include 2 UNSC marines Gek L’Har and a Grunt Storm
• Bricks and pieces combine with all mega building sets and are compatible with other name brands
• This building set helps to strengthen creative thinking skills


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