The Foosketball game is a fast-paced head-to-head faceoff that combines elements of foosball and basketball. It takes skill patience and a bit of luck to get the feel when turning the handles to master and control the Foosketball figure and shoot balls into the basket across the court. Each orange ball is worth 1 point and the golden ball is worth 2 points. Rack up the points for each basket until someone reaches 5 points for the win. Try an alternative mode of play using just 1 ball on the court and setting a goal for the number of points it takes to win. It’s an exciting and fun tabletop game for kids and makes a great birthday or holiday gift for kids ages 8 and up.
• GRAB SHOOT SCORE: The Foosketball tabletop action game is an exciting combination of foosball and basketball. Players grab the ball aim and shoot it into their opponent’s basket
• HOW TO USE THE HANDLES: Use the handles to control your Foosketball player and to pick up and shoot the balls into opponent’s basket
• ADD UP THE POINTS: The orange balls are worth 1 point; the golden ball is worth 2 points. Score 5 points to win


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