Encanto Magical Casa Madrigal Small Dollhouse Playset




“Journey into the Magical Casa Madrigal from Disney’s Encanto and bring the magical gifts of the Madrigal family to life! Designed to be just like the vast and extraordinary Casita this playset includes lights sounds and movement features and stands over 15 inches tall unfolding to reveal 3 floors with 7 furnished rooms! Step and Surprise! When the included Mirabel doll is placed in her unique footprint area a lively music and light celebration plays throughout the entire Casa Madrigal! Just like in the movie play out changing the weather like Aunt Pepa with the feature elevator! Lift the elevator to see a sunshine and rainbow appear above the clouds and reveal colorful lights and the sounds of birds chirping. Lower the elevator and the sunshine and rainbow disappear triggering thunderstorm sounds and lighting-like flickering lights. The enchanted Casita loves to play with Mirabel! Place the Mirabel doll on the staircase and it changes into a surprise slide that she glides down! So much fun! Visit Mirabel’s charming bedroom for more magical surprises. Place Mirabel on the button on the floor of her room to hear her sing music and see lights! Upstairs there are Mirabel’s sister Isabela and cousin Antonio’s magical doors to discover! Open these golden doors that look just like their doors in the film to reveal lights and sounds coming from Isabela’s garden and Antonio’s rainforest. Decorate the Magical Casa Madrigal with 15 house accessories.
• Age 3+
• New from Disney’s Encanto the Magical Casa Madrigal playset brings the magic of Casita to life!
• Play inches tall with 3 floors 7 rooms and includes a Mirabel Doll and 15 house accessories! Set is over 15
• Features 6 light sound and music features throughout the house!
• Includes Step and Surprise feature unique to Jakk’s Pacific small doll line; Only the Mirabel small doll with her unique footprint can activate a music and light show throughout the house!”
• ” Raise and lower Aunt Pepa’s weather-changing elevator for lights and sounds Staircase turns into a slide for Mirabel just like in the film!
• Mirabel’s room plays music and features a light display. Open Antonio and Isabela’s magical room doors to hear lights and sound features!


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