Disney Pixar Lightyear Zurg Figure




Stranded on an uncharted planet Buzz Lightyear and his crewmates will need to battle hostile plants giant bugs and the ultimate threat Zurg to complete their mission and return home. Inspired by the thrilling animated adventure Disney and Pixar’s Lightyear this action figure represents Buzz Lightyear’s imposing foe Zurg who must be stopped from attacking the Star Command base. Zurg’s huge size is reflected in this 9.9 inch figure that towers over the other characters in the core scale figures line. With movie-authentic design and detail Zurg has 13 movable joints to recreate his signature intimidating poses for intense good versus evil action stories. Other characters and vehicles are also available at this scale so fans can recreate the excitement of battle flight and exploration and create dramatic Lightyear displays. Each figure sold separately subject to availability. Colors dimensions and decorations may vary.
• 4Y+
• ?Relive the excitement of space exploration conflict and teamwork in Disney and Pixar’s Lightyear with this authentically detailed figure representing Buzz Lightyear’s foe Zurg from the origin story of the Space Ranger.
• ?At almost 10 in tall Zurg is the formidable nemesis of Buzz Lightyear and his ragtag team so he’s poised for good versus evil action play inspired by the movie.
• ?Recreate dynamic scenes and signature moves with 13 movable joints on this massive figure.
• ?Fans will want to collect the whole Lightyear team for a spectacular display. Vehicles are also available. Each item sold separately subject to availability.


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