Disney and Pixar Lightyear Hyperspeed Series Zurgs Mothership




Discover Disney and Pixar’s Lightyear. Stranded on an uncharted planet Buzz Lightyear and his crewmates will need to battle hostile plants giant bugs and the ultimate threat Zurg to complete their mission and return home. This Hyperspeed Series Zurg’s Mothership is inspired by the thrilling animated adventure. It represents Zurg’s command center in space from which he and the Zyclopses take on Buzz and his team! Lights and engine sounds increase the excitement the spiked tail design gives it a menacing look and a handle on top facilitates intense flight maneuvers. A Zyclops pod drops out of the bottom and a Zyclops figure pops out for a surprise attack! Fans will want to collect all the vehicles and figures in the Hyperspeed Series to complete the fleet for active battle play. Each vehicle and figure combination is sold separately and subject to availability. Colors decorations and dimensions may vary.?
• ?Relive the excitement of space exploration conflict and teamwork in Disney and Pixar’s Lightyear with this authentically designed massive Zurg’s Mothership vehicle representing the command center of Zurg Buzz Lightyear’s primary foe.
• ?Fly high and deploy the Zyclops pod! When it hits the ground the door pops open and the Zyclops robot figure appears ready to make a surprise attack! Turn the ship over to reload.
• ?Recreate scenes from the thrilling animated adventure with this 20-inch long spacecraft. Use the handle on top to manage intense flying maneuvers. The bright green taillights and engine sounds make for realistic battle play!
• ?Fans will want to collect all the Lightyear Hyperspeed Series vehicles and pilots for dramatic play and display. Complete the fleet! Each vehicle and figure combination sold separately subject to availability.


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