RAINBOW TOYFROG Straw Constructor




Rainbow Toyfrog Straw Constructor Interlocking Plastic Enginnering Toys 300 pcs

We believe the best playthings are often simple concepts that inspire children to come up with their own twists. with every children toys we creat,we hope to encourage: free play imagination, discovery, creativity, learning. Also a great educational toy, toys for autistic children.

Our high simulation stem kits is designed for aiding in the development of kids’ physical and mental abilities, which is a good choice for kids to grow up.

Build a big fort, rocket, boat, tower,airplane,robots, tunnel or bridge! design your own scientific model, or create a unique contraption. The straws fit snuggly on the connectors, but are flexible so you can build arches and tubes.

Best toys for 3+ year old boy and girl.